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Appointments Available for Drive Up Flu Clinic

Haven’t seemed to be able to get your child’s flu shot because of your busy schedule?  This Saturday, November 21st, we have plenty of morning appointments available!  Call our office at 352-335-8888 to book your appointment today! … Continue reading

FLU Vaccine is here!

Dear Alliance Peds Families,
We are happy to announce that we received our FLU Vaccine shipments!  Our afternoon FLU clinics are now open to schedule your child’s annual FLU shot.  You can call the office at 352-335-8888 to get on the schedule, … Continue reading

Zoom-Telemed Visits Monday 8/24/20

Dear Alliance Peds Families,
We use the Zoom Platform for our Telemedicine visits.  Currently, Zoom is having nation-wide outages and because of this all of our telemedicine appointments will be conducted via telephone call until the platform has been fixed.  Thank you for your patience! … Continue reading

Returning to School this Fall

The Providers at Alliance Pediatrics follow the guidance of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) who recognize the importance of returning to school for our children.  The benefits our children receive in the school setting are so important in purposes of learning, … Continue reading