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Zoom-Telemed Visits Monday 8/24/20

Dear Alliance Peds Families,
We use the Zoom Platform for our Telemedicine visits.  Currently, Zoom is having nation-wide outages and because of this all of our telemedicine appointments will be conducted via telephone call until the platform has been fixed.  Thank you for your patience! … Continue reading

Returning to School this Fall

The Providers at Alliance Pediatrics follow the guidance of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) who recognize the importance of returning to school for our children.  The benefits our children receive in the school setting are so important in purposes of learning, … Continue reading

A Message from the President of Alliance Pediatrics

Dear Families of Alliance Pediatrics,
Over the last month, we have made many changes to our practice; in the way we do things as well as changes to our building, to really ensure the safety of our pediatric community and their families. … Continue reading

Practice Changes to Protect our Patients

Alliance Pediatrics Families,
Please review the following changes now in place when you visit Alliance Pediatrics:
Well Exams:
The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages families to continue coming to well exams so that children don’t fall behind on their immunization schedules and Providers can review important milestones. … Continue reading

Talking with your children about Coronavirus

Dear Alliance Pediatrics Families,
It is hard to get through the day without hearing a news story or discussion about Coronavirus.  Here is a great tip sheet on how to talk to your children about coronavirus.  
Tip Sheet for Parents
The Florida Department of Health also has a Coronavirus hotline, … Continue reading

Caring for our Alliance Pediatrics Community

Dear Alliance Pediatrics Families,
We want you to know that we are committed to keeping our patients and families safe as they visit our practice during this time of serious health concern.
The Providers in our office are communicating daily and monitoring the latest information from the CDC, … Continue reading