Covid Protocol updates

Returning to School this Fall

The Providers at Alliance Pediatrics follow the guidance of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) who recognize the importance of returning to school for our children.  The benefits our children receive in the school setting are so important in purposes of learning, physical and mental health.  We have included the link to the AAP letter outlining their advisement for return to school.

We also are aware that this is a very fluid situation and with cases rising, we need to make sure that when schools reopen, it will be a safe environment for them.

However, while “in person school” is the ideal, we realize that every home is different, and who lives in the home and medical conditions that may increase the risk of potentially being impacted by the Coronavirus need to be considered.  It will ultimately be the choice of the parents to decide what is best for their family.

If you have concerns about returning to “in person school” and would like to discuss further, we strongly encourage you to schedule a telemedicine visit with your provider and help us to guide you to the best decision for your family.

As newer information becomes available regarding the pandemic and its impact to our community, we will update this guidance accordingly.

AAP Letter Return to school

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