Covid Protocol updates
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How we are handling Patients with Covid Concerns

Are you concerned that your child has Covid-19 like symptoms?

Has your child been exposed to someone who is positive for Covid-19?

Would you like to have your child tested for Covid-19?

Call our office to set up a “Telemed” visit.  You will speak to a Provider who can gather information about symptoms, timeline of exposure and need for testing.  During the Telemed, they will determine if and when testing is needed, then they will book you for one of our afternoon “Car Covid Testing” done in our parking lot.  They will determine whether a rapid Covid Test or a PCR Covid Test is most appropriate during the Telemed Visit.  Your Provider will also inform you of your plan of care during the Telemed visit.  If you are requiring documentation for your child to return to school, you will need to have a Telemed visit with us first.


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